A doorstep in the house of God

Continuing to work our way round the churches of the Vale of Glamorgan, photographing and measuring as we go. I thought I knew all about Colwinston,  Rhianydd Biebrach has written in detail about the effigy there, I’ve written about the wall paintings,


10 years ago I made a television programme there with Trevor Fishlock …

And when we got to the door, there was this,


bit more detail


clearly a medieval tombstone, those double branches near the foot suggest earlier rather than later, probably late 13th century. Not in its original location. People did ask for burial in the porch and in other places where they would be walked over, partly as a gesture of humility and partly so people would actually notice their tombs and pray for them. But this one has clearly been relocated because the head is to the east. Gravestones just make good doorsteps – there are similar examples at nearby Llanfrynach and at Llanover in north Monmouthshire.

And the effigy:


possibly a priest but more likely a civilian. It’s so worn it’s hard to tell, and it could even have been placed outside, as a monument to someone whose family had aspirations but weren’t sufficiently eminent to qualify for burial inside.

Then on to Marcross, where there is a nice 14th century floriated cross in a niche –


again, I don’t think this is the original location, and I think this is the base


– and the grave of a priest in the chancel.


‘War’s annals will cloud into night
Ere their story die’


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