Llancarfan, Laleston and onwards …

Great fun at Llancarfan last week at the unveiling of the latest stage in the wall paintings. More on the BBC site at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25214557 .

Mind you, I ran around like a fly with a blue bottom doing television and radio interviews, only to see most of it bumped by Nelson Mandela’s death. Now, I would always defer to Nelson Mandela – but after all those years of campaigning against apartheid, not to mention smuggling money to victims of persecution, couldn’t he have held on just a bit?

Never mind. This week it was back to Laleston, where the church has taken up the carpet to reveal a medieval grave stone with a triple cross. There’s a bit more about Laleston at http://heritagetortoise.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/laleston-stones-trail/ .

The choir stalls had to be moved – carpentry is clearly a key skill for the clergy



The photographer set up lights and it was amazing how much more we could see.



Here is the stone exposed



and John Rodger’s drawing


– from which we can see that the stone has not suffered much damage since 1911. The shearing off of the top was probably done to use it reversed as a paving stone.

The vicar says that what has amazed him is that no-one in the church has remarked on the removal of the chancel carpet. Given the notorious Anglican dislike for change, this is truly remarkable. He is also surprised that a very detailed history of the parish in 1958 doesn’t mention the stone. Possibly the author simply couldn’t make sense of it.

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